terracottatllesTerracotta tiles handmade

Terracotta means fired clay, and is made from natural elements such as clay, earth and water. We produce red, orange and handmade black terracotta tiles. We manufacture our products strictly to the traditional methods, where every piece is made by hand.

We are pleased that you visit our website and the interest you have in our products. Al our products we make, we can costomize to your desire. We can make different sizes and finishing like brushed and tumbled terracotta. We can also make different colors like red, orange and black / grey terracotta.

The handmade terracotta tiles we make, have a rustic design which can be combined well with both modern as old designed houses. A lot of clients use our tiles to bring old monumental farmhouses in original state again.

The craftsmen of the cottofactory are working in a tradition that goes back centuries. We first put the clay in a wooden frame, every size possible. After we mould the clay we let it dry and put the tiles straight up. We select all good tiles before fire them. After baking we select the tiles again so our clients get the best quality possible.

Our products are fired in a traditional german kassler kiln in wich we can produce not only the red and orange tiles, but also grey and black terracotta tiles without using chemical colorance. The best quality is our standart because we want to achieve a longterm business relation with our customers.

We are producing our products for the export market and we already supply to several clients in Europe. We stil seek some more clients who want to represent our products. When you are interested and want to sell our product in your country please do not hesitate to contact us, you can use the contactform on our contactpage.



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